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Hay again long time no post

2009-08-06 15:00:11 by kingsweeting

I finally got flash and am working on a few flashes, But im getting a 1Tb hard drive in the coming future so i dont know if it will be before or after that, that i post some but il be sure to get it up on here :) Also today i posted my first art work, if you click on the art portal you cant find it for some reason but it was just a quick think i made so yeah, if you like it thank you very much =D bye bye


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2009-09-22 18:18:44

i 4get when did i say i did'nt like ur art?

kingsweeting responds:

when i first started posting


2009-10-13 21:31:17


kingsweeting responds:

hello... :)