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Hi there

2009-05-28 10:08:10 by kingsweeting

Well hello, I'm king sweeting, I know i currently don't have any flash movies but am working hard to get one on here for you (just came up with my mascot [my display picture dude]) well thats all for now, thank you :]


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2009-05-30 20:26:38

i dont like your drawings look at my page and look at what i drew :) and hi im scianikitty first name sciani last kitty anyway your very welcome here to newgrounds and hey first post and altho i dont like your drawings ive seen worse but by the way just to make you feel welcome to the site nice mascot!:) lol and i want to be the first one to see your flash thx;p

kingsweeting responds:

ha ha ok, i didnt have flash when i made my pictures, even though my mascot is free hand, the others were made in like 10 mins when i was bored, iv had the account for years and thought i shoud put somthing on it, so i did, and i just uploaded my first artork today, Again not made with flash but i prefer to do animations with that if you know what i mean, But anyway, thanks for the....insult =D no hard feelings we live to learn and il be sure to check your page out now